Check Up: Looking Beneath Wesbrook’s Triple Doubles

31.2 Pts, 10.5 Reb, 10.4 Ast

To some, this triple double pace validates Westbrook as an elite superstar, carrying the Thunder to victories and toward the playoffs.

To others (re: Mark Cuban), he’s still not on that level. Many have critiqued Westbrook’s effiiciency (.420 FG% through 71 games) as well as his proclivity for arousing controversy with his quips – wondering if his performance on and off the court truly is beneficial for his team.

So, how impressive has Westbrook been?

In his 35 triple doubles, the Thunder have won 83% (29) of the games, compared to merely 12 of the 36 other ones. Albeit, that’s not proof of his ball dominance being wise so much as proof his team performs as he does given he dominates possessions. More useful, his team’s +/- per 100 possessions improves by 13.8 points per 100 possessions with him on the court. His player EFFICIENCY rating is 30.34, almost 10% above that of James Harden, the next closest player.

His elite stats stand out even more when comparing him to peers. His 27.2 DREB% is nearly unheard of for a PG. It’s hard to argue his stats, whether advanced or traditional, put him in elite company.

So what’s the dok’s prognosis? Will he win MVP? Sadly, lack of team success will likely derail his chances (as it did his chances of starting the all star game), but do not be surprised to see him elevate his play in the post-season for a surprise if things end as they are now and the Thunder face Houston’s MVP candidate Harden and co. in the first round.!/201566/advanced/